Welcome to The Muscle Station, your one-stop shop for all things muscle. This site is meant to be a place where those interested in muscle and fitness can interact with each other. The site will start off small but as time goes on, we will add new features to it. Below is a description of each main section of the site.

“The Athletes are a small, exclusive group of bodybuilders and fitness models who are selling their videos and photo sets through the store.”

The Athletes

An Athlete is a person who is well-rounded in the area of health and fitness. He is a fitness model or bodybuilder with an exceptional physique. We have high standards for who we allow to be a Athlete here. Some are established bodybuilders and fitness models. Others are personal trainers or exceptional models. A small few are all of the above.


The store offers videos from our Athletes, ranging from many different styles. The videos range in length and price.

“The store offers downloadable material from the Athletes.”

In addition, we hope to offer more in the future, such as online personal training and even merchandise. Take a look around the store to see the current material for sale.

Live Video Chat (Coming Soon)

The chats are meant to be a medium through which fans can ask the Athletes various questions related to fitness, as well as see their progress. Scheduled in advance, the average chat will be between 20-30 minutes, although occasionally, a chat may last longer.

Social Networking (Coming Soon)

Alongside being a video store, we want this to be a place where other fitness enthusiasts can interacts with each other. Our social network will be the place to do that. This free service will allow you to create a profile and interact with other registered users. Exchange training tips, diet secrets, or simply socialize–The Muscle Station’s social network is meant for that.

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